Naga / Serpant

According to Indian culture snakes are also considered as gods. ‘Nagas’ or ‘Sarppas’ means snakes. Usually we considers a naga as a king cobra. There are more importance for this ‘Nagas’ in our epics. Many stories are written about them. One of the very famous snake in our epic ‘Mahabharatha’ is ‘Anantha’, on that snake Lord Mahavishnu is laying. Great enemy of Nagas in the epics is Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu.

Main offering to nagas are "Paalum, noorum". This can be offered in almost all naga temples in kerala.

Naga / Serpant Temples in Kerala

  1. Karippal Nagam, Kannur
  2. Manarsala Nagaraja Temple, Alappuzha
  3. Naganbozhi
  4. Nagankulangara, Alappuzha
  5. Pambumekkadu
  6. Vettikodu Nagarajan