Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Nagarajan
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Alappuzha
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

Mannarasala Temple is devoted to serpent worship. It is located near Harippad, 32 km south of Alappuzha, Kerala. In this temple, the rites are presided over by a priestess. The temple covers an area of 16 acres of dense green forest grove. The two main idols are Nagaraja or the serpent king and his consort, Sarpayakshini.

Though the legends related to the origin of a place cannot be deemed as its history, the story on the evolution of Mannarasala as the supreme place of worship of the serpent Gods is associated with Parasurama, the creator of Kerala.

The history of Mannarasala has been mentioned in the 'Mandara Salodayam' Sanskrit poem written by Mannarasala M.G.Narayanan Nampoodiri of the sacred family, who wrote it on the basis of reliable accounts and legends traditionally handed down and in the light of old books available with the temple. Since the poem was incomplete, the history narrated here is from the book 'The Serpent Temple Mannarasala', published by Mr.N.Jayadevan of Manasa Publications (Translated to English by the renowned scholar Dr.Ayyappa Panikker). This book is also based on the advice and instructions received from the former Great Mother, and in accordance with the other members of the family as well as the old records examined for the purpose.

Important Festivals

The temple is reputed for having 30,000 images of snake-gods (Nagas). There is no temple in any other part having this much image of snakes.

Main attraction in this temple is on the day of Ayilyam, in the months of September - October, all the serpent idols are participating processions to the illam (priest house). 'Noorum Palum', and 'Guruthi' are the main offering at that time

Main offerings

'Uruli Kamazhthal' is most important offering here. It is believed that Naga bless those couples who does this offering.

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Thulamparampu North, Mannarasala P.O.,Haripad, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

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