Lord Vinayaka / Ganapathy

Vinayaka is one of the famous and greatly worshipped deities in Hinduism. Vinayakar is also known as Ganesh, Vinayaka Vigneswara, Ganapathy, Pillaiyar . The main identity of Vinayaka is his elephant like head. Its known that Vinayaka is the eldest son of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathy. We believe that if we pray to Ganapathy, then all the obstacles in front of us will remove quickly. Because of that Vinayaka is known as the Lord of obstacles and the God of new beginnings. Thus got the name ‘Vighneswara’, the one who removes ‘Vighna’ from our path. For all new beginnings, Hindus do ‘Ganapathy Homam’ properly in temples and even at homes. Vehicle of Vinayaka is a mouse.

Many stories are there about the birth of Vinayaka. Once Devi Parvathy created a very powerful boy for preventing anybody from entering into her room, without her permission. Then Lord Siva came there for visiting Devi and asked that boy to allow him to enter. Devi was then having bath. But that boy didn’t allow Lord Siva to enter. Then the uncontrolled Lord Siva cut off that boy’s head. Hearing this news, Goddess Parvathy became furious and asked Siva to get back her son. Siva was helpless in returning his head. Then he cut the head of an elephant and placed it over his neck. Thus Lord Siva gave him a new birth and named him as Vinayaka. He is the God of art, music and prosperity. Devotees of Vinayaka offers him ‘Modhaka’ and laddus for getting his blessings.

Vinayaka / Ganapathy Temples in Kerala

  1. Balaganeswarapuram Ganapathy
  2. Bhatheri Maha Ganapathy, Wayanad
  3. Edapilly Ganapathy
  4. Edayattukavu Ganapathy
  5. Eeswaramangalam
  6. Enthiyannur Ganapathy
  7. Eranakulanelloor Ganapathiyen Kavu
  8. Kakkad Ganapathy, Thrissur
  9. Kanayannur Ganapathy
  10. Kanjirapilly Mahaganapathy
  11. Kannanchery Ganapathy
  12. Kottarakkara Ganapathy, Kollam
  13. Kshipra Ganapathy , Palakkad
  14. Kunduparambu Ganapathy
  15. Malliyoor Sree Maha Ganapathy, Kottayam
  16. Ongallur Ganapathikavu
  17. Parapally Ganapathy
  18. Pazhavangadi Ganapathy, Trivandrum
  19. Peringannur Ganapathy
  20. Puthumana Ganapathy, Kottayam
  21. Velam Ganapathy