Lakshmana is the brother of Lord Rama. He is also one of the close companion of Lord Rama. In Hinduism, Lakshmana is considered as the avathara of ‘Anantha’, the immortal and infinite snake on which Lord Vishnu takes rest. Lakshmana is the son of Dhasaradha’s and sumithra and twin brother of Sathrughna. In spite of of being the twin brother of Sathrughna , Lakshmana was more attached to Lord Rama. Lakshmana married to Urmila, the sister of Sita devi. Lakshmana accompanied with Rama in his entire life. He was so loyal, lovable and committed to his brother. When Rama was exiled from the country for 14 years, Lakshmana also gave up all his happiness and accompanied his brother’s foot steps. During the way also Lakshmana served Lord Rama and Sita Devi reverently. He took care of them properly during those days.

‘Lakshmana Rekha’ is very famous. It is his specialty. Intruders cant enter into the ‘Lakshmana Rekha’ or Lakshmana’s limit. If anyone crosses then they will be instantly killed. Also Lakshmana is known as a very powerful warrior. His courage and power are near to that of Lord Rama. Lakshmana is a perfect example for a man whose life represents the duties of a man to his elders. Selfishness could not be seen in any part of his life.

Narasimha Temples in Kerala

  1. Lakshmana Perumal Temple, Ernakulam
  2. Moozhikulam Lakshmanan, Ernakulam
  3. Mulakulam Lakshmanan
  4. Thiruvillamala Viluadrinadan
  5. Vennimala Lakshman, Kottayam