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Ayyappa (Sastha, Sasthavu)


Image of Ayyappa


Lord Ayyappa is considered as one of the famous deity worshipped in kerala. In recent times, not only in kerala, devotees from all around world started building temples and worshipping Ayyappa. The fact is that, Ayyappa is believed to be the one god who protects his devotees from miseries and suffering in “Kali Yuga”. Ayyappa is also knows as Dharmasasta, Manikandan, Bhutanathan, Pandala Raja, and Pamba Vaasan. Ayyappa is worshipped in many forms in different temples, worshipped as a child at Kulathupuzha, worshipped with his consorts Pushpaka and Poorna in Achankovil and meditating form in sabarimala. Ayyappa was born with composite energy of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu, when Lord Vishnu was taken over mohini form. Lord Vishnu gifted a bejeweled bell necklace to the new born Ayyappa and thus, known as "Manikandan".

The main intention behind Ayyappa’s birth was to demolish Mahishi, one of the asura demon princesses who was threatening and plundering the world at that time. Pandalam King had found this boy in forest and taken to his palace. Ayyappa was lived in Pandalam Palace as the son of the Pandalam King. It is found that he had super-human or divine knowledge, wisdom, and courage. He learned Veda, Kalari (martial art) and other war tactics quickly. He had helped Pandalam king for protecting king and kingdom of Pandalam from enemy attacks. Ayyappa was forced to go to forest for seeking “Puli Paal” (tigress-milk) as his mother was suffering ill. Ayyappa went to forest and met Mahishi, fought with her and killed. He had released a beautiful woman who had been cursed to become Mahishi. The young woman proposed Ayyappa for marriage, but he declined, being a celibate (brahmachari). However he consoled her and promised that she would be housed next to him in his temple and would be visited by devotees, and if the number of new pilgrims (kanni swami) visiting him stopped, then he would marry her. Hence she is now worshiped as Maalikapurathamma.

After killing Mahishi, Ayyappa left Pandalam and went to Sabarimala, where he is worshipping in celibate meditation form. He promised his devotees that who ever comes to visit me with “Mudi kettu”, I will protect them from sufferings, miseries, illness. The very famous and important temple for Lord Ayyappa is Sabarimala itself. It is believed that over 50 million devotees are visiting this temple every year, which is of course making this temple second largest pilgrim center in this world. “Appam” and “Aravana” are the famous and special offering to Lord Ayyappa

Swamiyee Saranam Ayyppa


List of Ayyappa Temples

Achan kovil darmasasthavu Kollam  
Ayyankovu temple    
Ayyankuzhikkavu sasthavu Thrissur  
Ayyappanpara sasthavu Pathanamthitta  
Ayyappankunnu Thrissur Muruga and Vinayaka
Arakkulam dharmasasthavu Iddukki Sastha (Ayyappa)
Aanaparambu daramasasthavu Alappuzha  
Arangavu sasthavu    
Aarattupuzha sasthavu Thrissur  
Akamala sreedharma sasthavu Thrissur  
Areswaram sasthavu    
Aryankavu dharmasasthavu Kollam  
Chakkamkulangara dharmasasthavu Thrissur  
Changamkari dharmasasthavu    
Chambrakulangara ayyappan Palakkad Ayyappa
Chamravattam sasthavu Malappuram Ayyappa
Chitti chathakudam sasthavu    
Cheemeni dharmasasthavu Kasargod  
Choottayan ayyappan    
Chovvara sasthavu Trivandrum  
Cheerappanchira mukkalvattam ayyappa Alappuzha  
Cherpulasery ayyappan kavu Palakkad Dharmasasthav
Cheruthazhathukavu sasthavu    
Chethamangalam ayyappan Calicut  
Devikulam dharmasasthavu    
Ezhinjillam sasthavu Pathanamthitta  
Edathra sasthavu Thrissur  
Edathuruthi ayyappan kavu Thrissur  
Eramam muthukkattukavu ayyappan Kannur  
Erumeli dharmasasthavu Kottayam  
Elampalli madathil dharmasasthavu Kottayam  
Inari ayyappan    
Kaarakkattu sreedharma sasthavu    
Kaattuvalli dharmasastha Alappuzha  
Karthyakulangara sreedharmasastha Kottayam  
Kakkatt koyikkal sasthav    
Kanimangalam sasthavu Thrissur  
Kanyakulangara dharmasasthavu Trivandrum  
Kannadiparambu dharmasasthavu Kannur  
Kannadichal sreedharmasasthavu Kannur  
Kannanallur sasthavu Kollam  
Kanathur sreedharmasastha Kasargod  
Kalleli sasthavu Thrissur  
Karoru ayyappan    
Karukuttikkavu Trivandrum  
Kizhakedesam sasthavu Ernakulam  
Kezhoor dharmasasthavu Kasargod  
Kochambalam Kollam  
Kudamalloor ayyappan kavu    
Kunnathrikovu sasthavu    
Kumarakam sasthav    
Kuruvakkavu ayyappan    
Kutiyothu temple    
Kuttoor sasthav Trivandrum  
Kulathupuzha sasthav Kollam  
Koodapuzha marathopalli sasthav Thrissur  
Koovapalli narkkalakavu Kottayam  
Kodumbu ayyappa Thrissur  
Kodannoor sasthavu    
Kolakkottiri ayyappankavu Thrissur  
Kolasserykavu sastha Thrissur  
Kollankodu Pulikkodu ayyappan Palakkad  
Kothakulangara sasthavu Ernakulam  
Kozhikkal kandan sasthavu    
Kozhimada sasthavu    
Majapra ayyappan    
Manalithara mullapallikavu Thrissur  
Manakkadu dharmasasthavu Trivandrum  
Manaloor ayyappan kavu Thrissur  
Manakodi sasthavu Thrissur  
Malamakkavu ayyappan Thrissur  
Malamakkavu ayyappan Palakkad  
Malamel temple Kollam  
Mangattukavu ayyappan Thrissur  
Markkadakkavu sastha    
Mattil sasthavu Thrissur  
Meenachil sasthavu Kottayam  
Mundamuka ayyappan Palakkad  
Mundarakodu ayyappa Thrissur  
Muttichur ayyappan    
Mulankunnathu kavu darmasasthavu Thrissur  
Mulayam koottal darama sasthavu    
Muramel sree darama sasthavu Palakkad  
Mangalam ayyappan kavu Thrissur  
Mupuramkavu sreekandansasthavu Trivandrum  
Niram kaithakkotta sasthavu Malappuram  
Nagalassery ayyappankavu Palakkad  
Nangulam sasthavu Thrissur  
Nandikeswarankavu sastha    
Narayanamangalam ayyappankavu Thrissur  
Neervilagam dharmasastha Pathanamthitta  
Nettissery sasthavu Thrissur  
Nenminipurathu ayyappan kavu    
Neriyamangalam sasthavu Ernakulam  
Paduvilakkavu sastha Kannur  
Pathanamthitta sasthavu    
Pakkil darmasasthavu Kottayam  
Panoli Sree Ayyappa Kannur  
Paandangari dharmasastha    
Panayamcherry ayyappa Kollam  
Pandavam darmasasthavu    
Parakulangara ayyappan    
Pattikkadu dharmasastha Thrissur  
Pullukulangara darmasasthavu    
Ponnabalamedu Pathanamthitta  
Poonjal darmasasthavu Kottayam  
Punchapadam pulinkkavu ayyappa Palakkad  
Punna Sree Ayyappa Thrissur  
Poothakulam darmasasthavu    
Pottankkavu Trivandrum  
Perumbavoor darma sasthavu    
Perungottukavu sasthavu    
Ramangari darma sasthavu    
Rampuram sasthavu    
Rarothu ayyappa Kollam  
Sakthikulankara sasthavu Kollam  
Sabarimala sreedharma sasthavu Pathanamthitta  
Sasthamkotta sreedharma sasthavu Kollam  
Thakazhi dhramasasthavu Alappuzha  
Thayankavu sasthavu Thrissur  
Thykkadu sasthavu Trivandrum  
Thichur sasthavu Thrissur  
Thottakkare molukurussy ayyappankavu Palakkad  
Thiruvullakkavu sasthavu Thrissur  
Thrikkadambu temple Kannur  
Thrikkunnapuzha dharmasasthavu Alappuzha  
Thiruvarchanamkunnu Malappuram  
Thrivuvaniyoor temple Ernakulam  
Thechikkottukavu sastha Thrissur  
Thenapallikkavu sasthavu    
Udalakkavu sasthavu Thrissur  
Valiyakoyikkal sasthavu    
Varamsasthamkotta temple Kannur  
Vayaskkara dharmasasthavu Kottayam  
Velupilli dharmasastha Thrissur  
Venganelloore Ayyappan Thrissur  
Vettakkorumakan (Vettakkaran) Kavu Thrissur  
Vyasachalam sasthavu Kottayam