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VishnuMaya (Kuttichathan)


Image of Vishnumaya (Kuttichathan)

Vishnu Maya is also referred as Chathan or Kuttichathan. His rides in buffalo and known for his Maya (illusions). Vishnu Maya (Kuttichathan) born in union of Lord Siva and a tribal girl called Koolivaka. Koolivaka was a tribal chandala (outcaste) girl and was forced by Lord siva to mate. Koolivaka, who was true devotee of goddess parvathy asked help from devi to escape from the embarrassment. Parvathy devi then advised her to stay away and took the form of her. The reason behind this was the pre-ordained fate of Koolivaka. She was one of the servants of Parvathy Devi in her previous birth. One day Devi happened to see her breast feeding vinayaka. Parvathy Devi could not control her anger and cursed that she would be born in earth as an out caste girl. In reply to her apology and request for getting out of this situation, goddess parvathy devi blessed her and told that she would be getting an opportunity to feed Lord Siva’s son in next birth.

Another intention behind Vishnu Maya’s birth was to kill the asura called “Jalandhara“. Once Narada revealed to Chathan the secret behind his birth and intention, chathan went to see his parents in Kailasam. He took form of Vishnu and bluffed Nandikeshwara while entering to Kailasam. Lord siva thus named Chathan as Vishnu Mayam the one who took the form of Vishnu as Maya (illusion).


List of Vishnu Maya Temples

Avanangattu kalari Thrissur Vishnumaya
Chunanghi bhagavathy
Karanayil Madom
Thrissur Vishnumaya
Kanadi Kuttichathan Kavu Thrissur Kuttichathan