Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Vishnu Maya
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: Peringottukara
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

Presiding deity is Sree Vishnu Maya. Vishnu maya is referred as combination of "Vishnu" and "Maya". Vishnu is stands for "shithi" (well-being) and Maya is related with Shakthi (She who plays).

This is considered as one of the very famous temple for Vishnu Maya and it is only because of this temple this small village received reputation of its own. Huge crowd of devotees come here for worshipping this almighty power.

This deity is some times referred as for doing abhicharam and black magics.

Meaning of Vishnu Maya
The word 'Vishnu Maya' carries two different meanings, the Maya (play of illusion) of Lord Vishnu or Lord Vishnu encircled by 'Maya'. But both definitions are incomplete. ‘Vishnu Maya' is more precisely an amalgam of 'Saiva', a wild prowess enunciated by Goddess Devi, and 'Vaishnava', a state of self-restraint and divine calmness. 'Maya' represents that omnipotent spirit of Goddess Parvathi, the consort of Lord Siva. In fine 'Vishnu Maya' epitomizes the destructive force of Lord Siva and the noble-calmness of Lord Vishnu. In the language of Hindu scriptures, 'Vishnu Maya' combines 'Sakthi and 'Sthithi' or more concretely 'Maya' and 'Vishnu'.

God Sastha / Chathan
'Vishnu Maya Swami' is a divine spirit considered being another incarnation of Lord Dharmasastha. A traditional Dravidian deity attached to the Hindu–families, it is mostly addressed as 'Chathan'. 'Chathan' is in fact the primordial name for 'Sastha'. 'Sastha' is one who is competent to dictate and warn those involved in vices. 'Chathans' correct the wrongdoers and show them the right path. The fold-lore and the old palm-leaf manuscripts refer 'Chathans' as the aides of Lord 'Vishnu Maya'.

The family deities
The traditional Hindu families in Kerala have mainly three deities for worship. (1) Sastha(Chathan) (2) Devi(Bhadrakali) and (3) Serpent(Snake-God). Of these , serpent- worship is embedded to Earth. It is said the serpents are the true owners of the Earth. The Serpent King, Vasuki , is believed to be lying around the earth. The serpent Gods bring to a family wealth and offspring.

Devi-cult is quite common to the Dravidian culture. The Devi in her fierce-form known as Bhadrakali is ever empathetic towards her devotees. Her generosity is devoid of reasoning. 'Agamas', the ancient religious text speaks of the 108 Durga temples and 18 Sastha shrines buit by 'Sage Parasuraman' following the birth of Kerala. Of the 108 Durga (Devi) temples, shrines for the protection of Kerala and its inmates. Sastha temples are all situated in the valleys of Vindhya Mountain.

'Chathan' is not a single deity. There are 390 genres of 'Chathans' who form the aides of Lord 'Vishnu Maya’. They are ‘Sivabhootas’. The activity of each genre is different from the other. Some among them get into humorous actions. There are noble and fierce characters in these genres. Like thunder and lightning split of a second is enough for some to do wonders. Kind-hearted Chathans extend helps to the deprived. There are also detached beings among them. In times of crisis some of them would come to our rescue. There are many temples where Lord 'Vishnu Maya' is worshipped as 'Chathan' and offerings made. But the concept of 'Vishnu Maya' as 'Dharmasastha' is unique to Avanangattil. The deity here is powerful and always ready to fulfil the desires of his devotees. There is a wrong notion that the 'deity' inflicts tortures on others without sufficient reason. This is not true. He does no harm to anybody. To the downtrodden, the Lord is lasting shelter. He takes arms only against acts of dishonesty and injustice.

Important Festivals


Main offerings

One week long festival is conducted here which is called "Thiravellattu Mahotsavam". Large number of devotees gathered here for procession of Lord Vishnumaya and worshipped here. The place becomes in festival mood in all sense, conducting melam, procession, ottam thullal etc.

Pooja Timings

Day to day poojas at the Vishnu Maya Temple

Daily Pooja : 7:30 a.m.
Afternoon ' Niyogam' (Oracle) : 1.00 p.m.
the time of 'Niyogam' is meant for a devotees realization of the curses fallen
on him/her and the solutions possible.
Dusk pooja(Deeparadhana) : 7.30 p.m.
Night Pooja(Athazha Pooja) : 7.30 p.m.

Special Pooja (Saktheya Pushpanjali)
Floral offering to loard 'Vishnu Maya' is on very full and new moon at 8.p.m.
Saktheya Pushpanjali : 51.00
Saktheya Pushpanjal i(Half) : 25.50
Saktheya Pushpanjali (Quarter) : 12.75
Vellattu Karmam : 101.00
(Remedy for Doshas, Evil-effects))
Litting of oil-lamps round the temple,Nivedyam : 1,001.00
Oil-lamps lighted around : 2,001.00
the temple,garlands (Niramala) : 3,001.00
and Nivedyam (Rice-Offering) : 5,001.00
Fire work for the deity (1) : 10.00

Kathakali vazhipadu

Story:Sree Vishnumaya Charitham : 5 Hours
Purappadu : 1 Hour
Sree Krishna Narada Samvadam : 1 Hour
Sivaprasadam : 1.30 Hour
Sivasthudi : 1 Hour
Nayattuvili : 1 Hour
Mohanivirthy : 1 Hour
Vishnumaya Prasadam : 1 Hour

Note : Pooja timing and price may change. Please check with the temple authorities before deciding with pooja.


Kizhakkummuri, Peringottukara
Thrissur, Kerala - 680 571
Ph : 0487 - 2272054, 2272354
Mob : 9846078235
E-mail : avanangattilkalari@gmail.com

How to reach

Regular buses connect the temple with Thrissur, Guruvayoor and Kodungallur. Thrissur Railway Station is about 27 km east.

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Additional Information

For more information do visit the site http://avanangattilkalari.com/