Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Sreeraman
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : Bhadrakali, Lakshmi Bhagavathi, Naga, Ganapathy , Hanuman , Siva Parvathy, Dharma Sastha, Rekshas and Yekshi
District: Kottayam
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: Ramapuram
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: Ramapuram Devaswam

Sreerama Temple Devasthanam, is said to be more than 1000 years old place of worship. The village got its very name “Ramapuram” after this Temple came into existence, together with the other brothers of Lord Sree Rama, namely Lord Lakshmana, Lord Bharatha, and Lord Sathrughna, that too, within a radius of 6 kms in the same Grama Panchayath.

Lord Vishnu’s incarnations in the Threthayuga are supposed to be most important among the Avathars of the Lord. The Darshan of the four Lords, Sreerama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Sathrughna, on the same day is called “Nalambalam Darshanam”. It is the only place of worship or Temple Complex in India, where you can reach the four deities, which exist in a single village at a distance of total 15 kms. These temples situate in Ramapuram Grama Panchayat, in Kottayam District, Kerala State, and its importance is highlighted in the Temple survey of 1997 of the Govt. of India.

Inside the Sree Rama temple, adjoining to the Sreerama Sreekovil, there are depicts of Siva Parvathi, and Saraswathi Devi. Separate temples are there, for Bhagavathi (Bhadrakali), Maha Ganapathi and Sree Hanuman.

Now, the total renovation of the temple are already started, with the help of devotees all over India and abroad. Reconstruction of old “Dwajam”. Dwaja Prathishta has already been completed, and other works are going on.

Lakhs of Vaishnava devotees all over India used to attend this temple during NALAMBALA DARSHANAM in Malayalam Calender Month – Karkidakam.

Sub deities of this temple are as follows

Bhadrakali : A Simple Temple Dedicated to Sri. Bhadrakali is seen on the western side, 100 ft away from the main temple. Kali in its most fearful form ie, after beheading Darika the Demon is seen here. In olden days Velichappadu- a close devotee of the Godess, who spoke and perfom and executed orders and blessings from the Kali, who present here on special occassions, with sword in hand, giggling metal belts and anklets. Kali is supposed to be Godess of diseases especially SmallPox

Hence devotees perform Kalam Pattu before the Godess''s picture drawn on the floor with help of White, Black and Red powders. The performer beats drums and sings song in praise of Kali.

Lakshmi Bhagavathi : In the left side of the sanctum - sanctorium, at a particular spot Lakshmi Pooja is performed every day. There is noidol here. At the times of inrtallation of Sree Rama idol the divine presenece of Lakshmi was felt and hence teh pooja is performs from time immemorial.

Snake Temple : The Idols of Serpants installed on the southern side of Kali Temple are famous in their own form of representation. Snakes prevent and sooth skin troubles and diseases. The star Aayillyam is supposed to be the sepents day. Kanni(ME) October Aayillyam is celebrated by devotees. Milk, rice etc are offered.

Ganapathy : This beautiful small temple is on the Western side of the main temple. Here Ganapathy is believed to be very powerful as per devotees experiences. 25 years ago the idol was stolen. But the thieves were caught red handed by police in Wayanadu, But they cut one hand and teh trunk. After we got it back after 12 years. Appam, Ada, Garlands, Coconut are main offerings.

Hanuman or Anjaneya : A small beautiful temple of Hanuman is seen infront of the temple at the very entrance. Hanuman is a very powerful and important character in Ramayana as the main trustworthy servant of Sree Rama and he lives today also by the shear blessings of his master Devotees pray for the physical straight intellegance, unselfish service. Fruits, Garlands offerings.

Siva Parvathy : On the right hand side of Sree Rama, Siva Parvathy idols are present, Daily pooja and Dhara are perfomed. Flower garland, Dhara etc are main offerings.

Dharma Sastha : Ayyappa or Dharma Sastha worship is now world renowned form of worship. Hence the idol very close to Siva Parvathy is worshiped by a large number of devotees especially during the Sabarimala season. Appam, garlands, camphor, Kathina Vedi are main offerings.

Rekshas and Yekshi : It is very close to Hanuman temple. Devotees offer Milk white satin, Milk Payasam etc to find solace and comfort during the life time. Both believes are originated out of a belief that our ded souls have a rebirth to cast uneasiness to loving souls.


The deities here are the four sons of King Dasaratha of Ramayana. Lord Ram, the eldest of them is the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, who is the Supreme God of the Hindus. Bharata, second amongst them, is the avatar of the Panchajanya (Conch held by Vishnu). Lakshmana is the avatar of the Adisesha, the serpent of infinite measures and on whom Lord Vishnu sleeps in the Ocean of Milk. Satrughna (the One who is destroyer of enemies) is the twin bother to Lakshamana and the youngest. He is the avatar of the Sudarshana chakra held by Lord Vishnu.

Sree Rama proceeded towards South, through the old path, which he trekked in search of Sithadevi. At last he reached this beautiful place, with rattling canal on the right side, smiling paddy fields in the rear, surrounded by dense forest. He felt it an ideal place and started his meditation.

As Lakshmana, Bharatha and Sathrughna could not bear the disappearance of their beloved brother any longer, they also left Ayodhya and pursued the path of their brother, believing that their brother would have gone towards South. At last they found him. They said they would also sit near him. So, Lakshmana found at this wounderful land place at Koodapulam, Bharatha at Amanakara and Sathrughna at Methiri, which are equi distant from one another. As years rolled on, four temples rose in each place in their names.

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Sree Rama Swami Temple, Ramapuram P. O, Kottayam District, Kerala - 686591. Ph: 04822 263100
e-mail : info@sreeramtemple.org

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