Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Siva
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Alappuzha
Thaluk: Chengannor
Panchayath: Mannar
Thanthri: Parameshwaran Vasudevan Nampoothiripad, Kuzhikkattu Thekkedathu Illom, Thiruvalla
Trustee: The Travancore Devaswom Board, Nanthancode, Trivandrum

Thrikkuratti Mahadevar Temple is situated at Mannar, Alappuzha (dist) of Kerala, is one among 108 siva temples built by Lord Parasurama. It is believed that the Mammoth Thrikkuratti Mahadeva Temple compound wall was built by troupe of Bhootas of Lord Paramasiva in one night. The unique festivities of Thrikkuratti temple (Sahasra kalasam, Maikatti puja and Sivarathri Nritham) attracts lot of pilgrims. The antique wooden carving of Thrikkuratti mahadeva temple sricovil came to lime light recently through visual media, attracting lot of art lovers including foreigners. At a special Nada (gate) on east side of the Thrikkuratti temple compound wall, other religious members, in particular, Muslims, present offerings daily basis. This practice is believed to be centuries old and this is considered to be a true embodiment of religious harmony. The Srikovil of Thrikkuratti Mahavishnu temple is built on North Indian Architecture.

Temple has two sanctum sanctorum with equal importance, within the same compund. One is Mahadeva temple and other one is Maha Vishnu Temple

Important Festivals

The Thrikkuratti Mahasivarathri Festival, only next to Aluva sivarathri in terms of mass congregation, attracts thousands of devotees. The West Nada (Parvathi) will be open for ten minutes during Sivarathri Nritham on Sivarathri day only. All other days during the year it remains closed.

The Mahasivrathri festival at Thrikkuratti Mahadeva temple is different from other temples due to its unique festivities. Though the spectacular and colourful cultural programs are performed by renowned artists during these eleven days, the main emphasis is for Sahasrakalasabishekam, Sivarathri Nrutham and Mahasivarathri Procession


This is a very special and rare puja conducted during 10 days of Mahasivarathri festival. It is well known that Lord Siva is abhishekapriya (lover of ablutions). Lord Parasurama and Kroshta muni, during their worship of the lord here, are believed to have bathed the deity with Sahasrakalasam or a thousand pots of holy water according to Vedic rites. Now during Mahasivarathri festival days the Head Priest (Thanthri) and his team perform this puja. It is a ten day function, each day an offering of 101 Kalasam or pots of holy water being made 100 pots of Silver and one of Gold at do centre all filled with water and surcharged with mantras recited by learned Brahmins seated on the Mukhamantapam

Main offerings

The main daily offerings are Sathakalasam, Rudrabhishekam, Chathussatham, Mruthunjaya homam, Kshira Dhaara, Rudrasooktharchana, Bhagyasooktharchana, Mruthnjaya Pushpanjali, Astotharachana, Navagraharchana (at Maha Vishnu Temple) and Noorum Palum (at Naga Raja Temple).

Pooja Timings



The Manager, Thrikkuratti Mahadeva Temple, Thrikkuratti Junction, Mannar.P.O., Thiruvalla (Via), Kerala. 689622

How to reach

Mannar, a major business town, also known as "The Bell Metal Town", is situated midway between Thiruvalla and Mavelikkara on State highway 6 (Kayamkulam - Thiruvalla Road).

The nearby Railway stations are Thiruvalla, Chengannoor, Mavelikkara and Harippad (each 9 kms from Mannar)

Temple Photo Gallery

Thrikkurati Mahadevar Temple Thrikkuratti Mahavishnu Temple Thrikkuratti Temple - Ancient Wooden carvings

Additional Information

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