Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Siva
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Kannur
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

This is an an ancient Temple of centuries old. It is one among the Maha Siva Temple of Kerala, which is established by Khara Maharshi (A Sage who destroys sins) The Trustee of the Temple is Chirakkal Kovilakam. Ever since the Privy Purse was abolished by the Govt. the Temple is not being properly cared by the Chirakkal Kovilakam Raja Family. The Temple situates on a pleasant beautiful hilly area 20 km East of Kannur town, Kerala and 100km from Calicut airport. When the Mahasiva Temple was properly managed and daily Poojas conducted. The people in the remote village were healthy both physically and mentally, well educated and well placed. Now situation is quite contrary. Hindu communities though large in number are financially poor. The local people believe they all have one suffering or other as the Temple activities are not properly conducted.

The Mahasiva Temple with tiled roof extending to campus area of 7000 sq.m is at present in a dilapidated condition. The SRIKOVIL is 2 Meters above Chuttambalam and Chuttambalam is 4 meters above the ground level, and the Temple campus is on hill valley. The Holy Pond 50 meters below the ground level is to be put in to use. Due to lack of facility people are not able to worship in the Temple. Seven days yearly festival and two time daily Pooja (Method of Worship) are being conducted presently. A well wisher born and brought up in this remote village presently residing in Singapore, formed a Committee named “KUTTIATTOOR SIVAKSHETHRA SAMRAKSHANA SAMITHI” (Temple maintenance Committee), has recently decided to renovate the Temple and redevelop its premises, keeping in mind the present day necessities. A Three Year plan is put up in this connection. The trustee and Hindu Religious Department, Govt. of Kerala is not in a position to help in this matter. The well wisher look after the day to day Pooja’s and festivals for the past seven years.

During Dwaparayuga, following curse for insulting Sivabhaktas, brother of Khara Maharshi had mental worries. To get it cured, as per the advise of Narada Muni, Khara Maharshi travelled through the cave starting from the bank of Sarayu river and reached the place called Kuttiattoor. He established the Siva Temple there and illness of his brother was cured. The Sculptural piece, which was immersed in the well in the Temple Pond can be seen even now if the Holy Pond was cleared of mud and water. Apart from Sivalingam deity, Lord Ganapathi, Lord Dharma Shasta (Sri Ayyappan) and Lord Vishnu are also installed at the Southern and Northern side of the Temple. Thittayillam Brahmin family, the trustee of the Temple is believed to have constructed the Temple. The family had several miseries and misfortunes due to non-fulfillments of Temple activities properly. Later the Temple was taken over by Chirakkal Raja family, the present trustee.

Up to 50 years ago 4 times Daily Pooja with elephant and four priests and twelve different trade employees were performed daily. There were enough and more landed property ear marked for the Temple’s use by the ex-ruler of the Kovilakam. But Consequent on the imposition of land reforms, all the properties of the Temple were taken away by Govt. and given to individuals. Thus Temple became financially poor and activities were discontinued. The Temple had to be closed for years. The Temple was reopened with very minor essential activities since seven years under the initiation of a Well Wisher. The last renovation was done 400 years ago according to SWARNA PRASNAM (Research in Astrology).

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Kuttiattoor, the adobe of Lord Siva, is located 22 kms north east of Kannur, Kerala. The geographical and bio diversity of Kerala with the coastline beaches and stretches of backwaters lined with the swaying coconut palms on one side and evergreen forests of the western ghats with very rich wildlife on the other side makes it a real paradise to the alien traveler.

By road: Kuttiattoor is well connected with the other parts of the country by road. The National highway is passing through Kannur which is just 22 kms away from Kuttiattor. Only 12 Km away is the famous temple of Parassinikadavu. Kannur to Mysoor Highway passses through Chalode which is very near to the Temple.

By rail: The nearest railway station is at Kannur which is just 22 km away from Kannur. Many bus services are available from the town to Chalod via Mayyil. You can get down at Kuttiattoor Siva Temple.

By air: Calicut international airport is 100 kms from Kuttiattoor and the Mangalore airport is 110 kms away.

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