Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Siva
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: Mukundapuram
Panchayath: Kuzhur
Thanthri: Keezhthamarassery Illam
Trustee: Cochin Devaswom Board

The presiding deity here is Lord Siva. The speciality of this temple is that the deity is, the deity in Thekkedathu temple is made up by sand and there is no abhisheka is done. Deity in Vadakkedathu temple is made up of panchaloha (mixture of 5 metals). Siva, Parvathy and Muruga is residing in same paltform where it is rare to see in any other temple. It is believed that Sree Parasurama has founded this temple in Threthayuga.

This two huge temples is in one compound, which is not seen anywhere in Kerala. Another speciality in this temple are turmaric in leaf, flower in flower, well in well.

Important Festivals

Aarattu and Desa Guruthi is special in this temple which is celebrated in grand manner. Thiruvathira day of Dhanu month is celebrated as Aarattu and Medam 10th is celebrated as Desa Guruthi.

Main offerings

Devotees come here for getting Mangalya (Marriage), Nedu Mangalya (Long Marriage Life). Brahmini pattu is performed here where it is rare to see anywhere. This can be considered as the only temple in kerala having this tradition.

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How to reach

7 Kms from Mala in Thrissur.

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