Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Hanuman
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: Chavakkad
Panchayath: Nattika
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Hanuman. Hundreds of ardent devotees are visiting this temple from all parts of India. The temple had come to existence during the past century approximately seventy years back in 1939. Sree Chandranantha Guru (the founder) with the blessings of Paradesi Guru – Sree Madhavananda Guru –had originated this temple and had become the first Chief Mutt. Sree Chandrananda Guru entered His Mahasamadhi in 1983 during the Brahma Muhoortha of Vijayadashami and Thiruvonam Nakshathram. After Guruji’s Samadhi Sree Suresh Swamy has taken charge of the Temple as Chief Mutt. According to the divine perception made happened to Sree Suresh Swamy in 1990, he has built new temples for Lord Hanuman and other Deities

After completing the duties entrusted on him by Lord Hanuman, he entered his divine Samadhi on 15th March 2001 at the age of 43 years. Master Ananthu, the only son and the disciple of Sree Suresh Swamy is currently the Chief Mutt of the Temple.

The idol of Lord Hanuman installed here is magnificent. It is the largest, created in panchaloha, first of its kind in the world. The idol is in such style that Lord Hanuman in a move to fly to SreeRama, procuring the herb mountain (Rishabadri) in His left hand and Golden Gadha (Golden Club) in His right hand. The height of this idol is about 5.5 feet, eye-catching and marvelous.

At the time of installation there were no other temples in Kerala that had the presence of Navagrahas installed in front of Lord Hanuman. After our birth, the life is controlled by Navagrahas. Astrological Science confirms this. For Navagraha Dosha all the related and relevant prayers, poojas and manthras are being performed here.

This is one of the rare exceptional worship places for Lord Hanuman in Kerala. Here the blessedness of three main deities – Lord Hanuman, Lord Mahavishnu Maya and Devi Bhagavathi visibly exist. The people who visit this temple can feel the peculiar divine atmosphere prevailing here. Besides these main deities, Ganapathy (Vinayaka), Subramanian (Murugan), Ayyappan (Sabarimala Sastha), SreeParvathy, Mahalakshmy, Saraswathy, the group of Devi’s and Lord Mahavishnumaya’s lieutenants, Navagrahas, Veerabhadran, Gandharvan, Nagayakshi, Nagarajavu (the Serpent ‘Adisesha’)and other Yogeeswaras (Gurubhoothar) also shower blessings to the devotees. Devotees feel a different kind of mental satisfaction while they glance at the Gracing idol of Lord Hanuman.

Important Festivals

The main festival is celebrated grandly from the middle of November to the end of December every year. (1st of Vrischikam to 11th of Dhanu, total 41 days of Malayalam Calendar).

Main offerings

Ganapathy Homam(Everyday)
Mrithyunjaya Homam(Every Monday)
Vadamala(Garland made of vada)

Laksharchana is performed every month to Lord Hanuman. Similarly Roopakkalam to Lord Maha Vishnu Maya is also being conducted every month. Furthermore, Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Navaham, Laksha Homam, Akhanda-Nama-Japa-Yagnam, Ramayana-Masa-acharanam, Vaysakha-Masa-acharanam, Mandala Pooja-acharanam, Sukrutha-Homam, Pancha-Maha-Laksharchana, Maha-Rudra-Yagam are some of the important and regular rituals conducted here every year.

Pooja Timings


Temple opens at 4.00 a.m.
5.30 a.m Ganapathi Homam
7.30 a.m. Usha Pooja
9.00 a.m. Pantheeradi Pooja
10.00 p.m. Navagraha Pooja
11.00 p.m. Ucha Pooja, Sreebali, Vadamala Charthal
1.00 p.m. Closing the Sreekovil


4.00 p.m. Opening of Sreekovil
At Sunset Deeparadhana
7.00 p.m Athazha Pooja, Sreebali
8.00 p.m Closing the Sreekovil


Sree Hanuman Swamy Temple, Hanumanpuram, Nattika. P. O., Trichur – 680 566, Kerala, India. Phone : 0091-487-2392061 & 0091-487- 2392947 Mobile : 00919388033752, 0091 9495692956

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How to reach

The Temple is situated exactly in the centre place between Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayur and Bhaghavathy (Kannaky) Temple, Kodungallur. In fact Lord Hanuman Temple is surrounded by all the fa-mous and historic sacred worship places in Central Kerala. Just two kilometers south-east direction, centuries old, famous Sree Rama Temple, the largest one in Kerala is situated facing the Theevra Nadhi (Triprayar River).

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Nattika Sree Hanuman

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