Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Sree Parvathy
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Malapuram
Thaluk: Perinthalmanna
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: Panthalakodathu illam
Trustee: H. R. & C. E.

Presiding deity is Sree Badrakali. It is belived that Mezathur Agnihotri founded the deity Bhadrakaali here and seems to be one of the biggest vighraha in Kerala.

Important Festivals

Kalamezuthu paattu from Vrichikam 1st onwards and 11 days celibration from Makeeram of Meenam. Does Wrigveda Laksharchana every year from 1st to 7th of Dhanu. Also Chanthattam done in the month of Midhunam & Karkitakam.

Aayilyam in the month of Kanni, Thira in Karkitakam, Makara Chowa, Rohini in Meenam, Naveraathri, Chithira in Midhunam, Uthradam in Chingam, Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays are also important days.

Main offerings

Lakshaarchana & Mangalya pooja in the first Friday of Thulam is very important.

Pooja Timings




How to reach

3 Kms from Perimthalmanna in Calicut route.

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