Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Durga
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

The most prominent temples in the 108 Durgalayas are Oorakathammathiruvadi temple and Kadalassery Pisharikkal Temple.The first mentioning in the 108 durgaalayas is 'valayaalayamaa dikkum thaikkadum kadalayilum' valayaalayam-Urakam kadalayil-Kadalassery Pisharikkal

When the 28 days 'Utsavam' of the 'Peruvanam Gramam' was stopped the 'gramam' was suffered with many bad incidents and scarcity.Two prominent Brahmins in the gramam,Kadalaayil Namboothiri and Valayannoor Bhattathiri,with 'Pallissery Komaram' went Kaancheepuram for 'bhajanam'.The Kanchi Kamakshi was pleased and offered to come to 'Peruvanam Gramam'.

Kadalayil Namboothiri got an 'Ashareeri' that I will reach you on the Pooram nakshatram of the month Meenam,midnight when the star 'chothi' reaches the summit(uchcham)at a river bank!(mandaram kadavu ,arattpuzha).He was then instructed to build a temple and do the 'Prathistha'.He bulilt a temple near his house and did the Prathista of Kanchi Kamakshi with all ritual procedures.This temple is known as Kadalayil which later refered as Pisharikkal.The village nearby is known as 'kadalayil cheri' and later 'kadalassery'

The curing effect of snake poison

There was a famous vishavaidyan in the 'Deshamangalathu mana'at Kadalassery. He dedicated his 'siddhi'to 'Kadalayil amma'and then the deity was known as 'visha harikkal amma'(meaning ,curing snake poison)This 'visha harikkal was converted to visharikkal and then Pisharikkal.Even now the prasadam here is used as a medicine for any type of poisons.The Amavasi of Thulam is the most important day here to have 'darsanam'and take part in th holybath at noon, called 'Vaavaaraattu'.

This deity is purifying the holy bahing places of all the deities in the famous Peruvanam Araatupuzha Pooram.

Important Festivals

Almost in all the rituals of the Arattupuzha pooram Kadalassery Pisharikkal Bhagavathi has the starting role. Wherever this bhagavathy has an 'araatu' that should be the first 'araattu ' there (For Oorakathammathiruvady to start the pooram,Pisharikkal Amma should reach there) And Ammathiruvady will take the holy bath only in the 'ghats' were Pisharikkal Amma had 'Arattu'!

The first Pooram Purappad in the Peruvanam Arattupuzha Pooram is here! (Karthika Purappad)

The first ritual 'kodikayattam',first arattu,first pooram all belongs to this deity in the famous Arattupuzha Peruvanam Pooram.

The famous 'Araattu' at the 'mandaram kadavu'on the day of Arattupuzha pooram is in the holy 'muhoortham'when the 'chothy nakshathram'reaches the summit!

All the deities including Kashi Viswanathan,Ganga etc are believed to be take part in this holy 'arattu'.To take part on this arattu the'athazha pooja'at many temples including Kaashi,Vadakkumnadhan etc are done in the daytime itself!

It is believed that there is no holiness in Ganga on the Pooram Night since Ganga is coming to take part in the holy arattu of Kadalassery Pisharikkal Bhagavathy at Arattupuzha.

Main offerings

The main vazhipadu here is the idol of snake and snake eggs made of gold or silver.

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The temple is at Kadalassery which is 2.5 kms east of Urakam junction in the Thrissur Kodungalloor state highway. It can also be reached from Puthukkad Junction in NH47 ,by travelling 4 kms westward through the Puthukkad Urakam Road

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