Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Devi
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Palakkad
Thaluk: Ottappalam
Panchayath: Pookkottukaavu
Thanthri: Eekkattu Mana
Trustee: H. R. & C. E.

The presiding deity is bhagavathy here. Kshetrapaalakan and Veerabhadran are the main sub deities in this temple. This temple is founded by Eekkattu Mana Thanthri

Important Festivals

Main festival celebrated from Kumbhan 1st onwards. 6th day Valiyaaraattu and Moorthiyaattam is famous. 7th day East & West team compitativly give their presence for Pooram function with dozens of decorated elephants and famous drum makers (melam). 8th day Aaraattu celebrated. From 1st to 7th day "Thol Paava Koothu" is performed.

Navaraathri and Thrikkarthika celebrated. Done Kalamezhuthu, Paattu for fourty one days from Vrichikam 1st onwards.

Main offerings

A very special offer which no other temple has that Pallippana & Kalippana done here.

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How to reach

16 Kms from Ottappalam in Mannarkadu route.

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