Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Durga
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: Kodungallur
Panchayath: Konathukunnu
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: Manjukulangara Kshethra Samithy

The presiding deity of this temple is goddess durga in the form of "nana durga". Subdieties of this temple are lord ayypa, nagas. Manjukulangara enshrines Bhagawati - the mother Goddess, one of the most popular deities in Kerala. The Village of Konathukunnu is located near the town of Kodungallur ,Thrissur.

The image of Bhagawati (Durga) is of laterite; untouched by the human sculptor, this image is of irregular shape. and is covered with a golden kavacam

Important Festivals

First Day of Every Malayalam Month Kanni

Navarathri aghosham is a famous festival,which attracts large number of devotees. On Vijayadasami day of the Navarathri ulsavam, Vidyarambham is conducted. Babies of 3 to 6 age group are initiated to the three R's- Reading, Writing and Arithmetic in the presence of Devi SARASWATHY. Durgashtami, Mahanavami and Vijayadasami are very important. There is elephants procession. Annadanam and stage programmes are arranged on every day.


The Vrishchicka Mandala mahotsavam (festival) is celebrated during the entire period of mandalam season.Daily annadanam, stage programmes, Naama japam etc are conducted. During this month,Thrikkarthika festival comes. It is the birthday of the Goddess and the festival runs for three days, Kaarthika, Rohini and Makayiram. On these days,there is ezhunnellippu, Kazhcha siveli, stage programme, deepaalankaaram, Kaarthika vilakku, fireworks etc.There is also lakshaarchana and Vedamura abishekam for 15 days starting from January 1. On the makaravilakku day there is lakshadeepam (lighting of one lakh lamps) and fire works.

Main offerings


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Manjukulangara Kshethra Samithy
Manjukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
Konathukunnu , PIN 680 123,
Thrissur, Kerala,South India
09387563925, 09495025443

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How to reach

FROM Cochin Air Port - Angamaly, Paravoor, Kodungaloor, Konathukunuu, Manjukulangara Temple 38 .K.M.
Eranakulam South Railway Station - Paravoor, Kodungaloor, Konathukunuu, Manjukulangara Temple 48 .K.M.
Eranakulam K.S.R.T.C.Bus Stand - Paravoor, Kodungaloor, Konathukunuu, Manjukulangara Temple 48 .K.M.
Irinjalakuda Railway Station - Kalletumkara,Irinjalakuda,Konathukunnu ,Manjukulangara Temple 18 .K.M.
Thrissur Railway Station - Irinjalakuda,Konathukunnu ,Manjukulangara Temple 28 .K.M
Thrissur K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand -Irinjalakuda,Konathukunnu ,Manjukulangara Temple 28 .K.M

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