Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Durga
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Kottayam
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

This is one amongst 108 durga temples in kerala. This shrine is located at Kumaranallur which is just 4-km from Kottayam town.

Story behind temple is, Cheraman Perumal who was reigning the region at that time commenced building a big shrine for Subramanya whose ardent devotee Perumal was. At this point of time Pandya Kings whose family deity is Meenakshi were ruling Madura region of Tamil Nadu. One day the precious ornament worn by the deity Meenakshi found missing. The King thought it was stolen by the priest and ordered him to find it out within 41 days failing which he would be axed. The priest resigned to his fate as there was no clue or trace of the ornament. On 40th night he heard a voice from nowhere to the effect he should leave the place before dawn. He took it as that of goddess Meenakshy and when he opened the eyes a light was moving forward and he followed the light. The light and the priest ended up in the new temple constructed by Cheraman Perumal. The light was none other than goddess Meenakshy. Thus the temple meant for Subramanya turned as a temple of goddess Devi (Meenakshy). The displeased Perumal transferred the idol of Subramanya to Udayapuram temple, near Vaikom and discontinued the financial assistance to Kumaranalloor temple.

While Perumal and his entourage travelling to Udayapuram in boats fog made them blind. His Minister quickly grasped it is due to the displeasure of Devi and advised Perumal to please Devi immediately. Consequently Perumal vowed to submit all the lands within the vicinity of Kumaranalloor temple to it and poured some water as a vow. To his surprise a beautiful hand appeared and received the poured water and the Perumal and his entourage regained sight. The place where the hand appeared is thereafter known as Trikkai Kandam.

This shrine is credited as one of the five important shrines in India for Durga Aradhana (Devi worship).

The mural paintings and wood carvings of the temple are of top order endearing even to a layman

Important Festivals

Vijayadasami, Shivarathri, Meenappuram, Vishu, Uthrattathi during Onam, 41 days Mandalvilakku are the other events celebrated here.

The annual festival in Vrischikam month. Navarathri is also celebrated on a grand manner.

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