Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Karthiayani
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: Thrissur
Panchayath: Chembukkavu
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

Sree Karthiayani temple at Chembukkavu coming under the direct control of the Cochin Devaswam board is one of the 108 Durga Temples in Kerala. With its proximity to the Paramekkavu Temple and Thiruvambady temple and its rich tradition of giving spiritual solace to hundreds of its devotees, the temple plays a major role in the Thrissur Pooram every year.

The popular belief is that the Godess here remains a perpetual maiden. Hundreds of maiden who have offered their prayers here have been able to tie their marital-knot thanks to the blessings of the Devi. The Bhagavathi being worshiped at the Ayyanthole temple is the elder sister of the Devi here. They are seated facing the eastern and western directions respectively. The heat of the sun becomes more intense gradually after day break causing headache for many including even the Godess. This is the reason why ezhunnellippu is conducted only early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the heat of the sun becomes bearable, during pooram celebrations. The ghee used for lighting lamps and the sandal paste applied on the idol are found to be fit to cure headache. The Devi here is a veritable symbol of benevolence and quietitude. This temple could once boast of an enviable wealth and attract hundreds of devotees everyday. But with its present pitiable condition, it is only a shadow of its past glory.

Important Festivals

Thrukkarthika Maholsavam ( Three days )

Maha Sivarathri

Thrissur Pooram


Bhagavatha Sapthaham

Ramayana Masachranam & Illam Nira

Navarathri-Saraswatha Samooharchana

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Sree Karthiayani Kshethra Kshema Samithi Chembukkavu, Thrissur - 680020

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Chembukkavu Karthiayani Devi

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