Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Durga
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Pathanamthitta
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: Thiruvalla
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: Brahma Sree R.K Namboodiri

The presiding deity of this temple is Durga devi, who answers the call of her devotees. Countless pilgrims irrespective of caste creed and colour reach the shrine. The benevolent look of Goddess unfolds a thousand lotus flowers of real bhakthi in the minds of devotees. Chanting of Her names and mantras destroys the feelings of ignorance and pride like the flames of fire that overcomes the darkness. Many are the miracles that we see right in front of the Goddess

The ancient history of the temple has some divine connections with the story of Sumbha and Nishumbha referred to in the Devi Mahatmyam. The story goes that two demoniac characters called Sumbha and Nishumbha derived super human powers through rigorous meditation of Lord Brahma. They received a boon that they could be killed only through a battle with woman. Such a condition being almost impossible, Sumbha and Nishumbha conquered Indra and other Devas. They became the unquestioned monarchs of the three worlds. The helpless Devas under had to flee away and take shelter in remote jungles.

Saint Narada feeling pity at the misery of the Gods approaches his father Lord Brahma. Brahma reminds Narada that ups and downs are the law of life and that was what the Gods were experiencing. There was only one way out for this despicable state of affair. Only one power could restore power and prosperity to Gods and that power was none other than the very Goddess. Devas accordingly moved in search of Goddess. Reaching near Himavan, the epic King of the mountains, they started chanting powerful mantras to appease the Goddess. They plunged into a he artful tribute of the Goddess who in herself was power, knowledge, creativity, benevolence and blessings.

Goddess Parvathy had just arrived on the banks of river Ganga. Echoes of the mantras reached her. There was a touch of grief and pleading in the sounds of Devas. Goddess Parvathy grasped the pitiable plight of Devas. There emerged another Goddess from within her as if something comes out of a cover. This was the incarnation of Goddess Durga, having taken a divine form to rescue the Devas from the hardships caused by the asuras. The story culminates in a terrible fight between the “Goddess and Asuras under the leadership of Sumba and Nishumbha. It was an encounter unheard of ever before. Needless to specify, all the asuras were annihilated by the Goddess. The Devas got back the early powers and prosperities. Sage Narada appears in front of them and exults them about the invincibility of goddess Durga. She was the cause as well as witness for the creation, maintenance and destruction the universe, told Narada.

It is believed that the Goddess residing in Chakkulathukavu is a wholesome reaction of this all-pervading Goddess namely Durga.

Brahma Sree R.K Namboodiri

Sri R K Namboodiri has stamped a vivid impression in the spiritual sphere of kerala and outside through his life of extreme spirituality as well as his predictions in betel astrology. Lakhs of people meet him for solace and blessings. He is the guide, guardian and philosopher for innumerable pilgrims in search of Shanthi”.

The betel astrology is performed with the help of seven betel leaves and arecanut which the pilgrims brings. He examines the shape, nature and marks of the leaves and analyses the past, present and future of the devotees. He also uses a special conch which is rotated and its position observed, to make predictions.

Sri R K Namboodiri is the chief preist of the temple. He gives directions in all the spiritual routines of the shrine. He is a refuge and shelter to numberless pilgrims who reach the temple with bundles of burdens, he suggests remedies for their sorrows and paves way for their all round prosperity.

He has deeper understanding about the age-old traditions of this temple and channels each activity for the ultimate welfare of others. It is he who directs the various spiritual endeavours like poojas, pledge for liberation from intoxication, curing of the weak, distrbution of medicate water and the like. It is because of his novelty and commitment that a number of Yagnas, yaga and rare poojas are condcted evey year in this temple. A humble soul with and inimitable simplicity, Sri R K Namboodiri is belived to have received special blessings from the Goddess. No wonder, he has become the ultimate shelter for lakhs of devotees.

Important Festivals

Pogala :- This is the phenomenally renowned festival that takes place in the temple during the month of ‘Vrischikam’ (November/December). This is the time when the glory of the Goddess is at its peak. Lakhs of women devotees gather around the temple as early as even one week before the function. The temple premises will be overcrowded and the devotees arrange place for offering the Pongal on both sides of the mains streets. The queue usually extends to a surprising length of 20 km

Naree Pooja :- Hindu tradition had always bestowed reverence and acceptance to Indian womanhood. It often reminded humanity that a woman who is respected is the cause for prosperity whereas a woman is dishonoured is exactly like fire and can annihilate everything. We had even women who rose themselves to the pinnacle of spirituality and gave new dimensions to our culture.

First Friday :- The first Friday of every Malayalam month marks a spiritually significant day for the Temple. Devotees who observe rigorous fasting and penance reach the shrine on this day. The number of persons who gather themselves to have a visit of the Mother on this day are literally countless. Special spiritual functions are also conducted on this day. The small idol of the God which is usually placed inside the sanctum sanctorum beside the main idol is carried in procession and brought to the specially arranged place for prayer.

Thrikkarthika :- Thrikkarthika that falls on the malayalam month of Vrischika is an important day of the Temple. This day became famous after a surprising incident that took place in 1851. A Friday of 1981.3.30 am in the early morning. Some devotees had gathered to have the “Nirmalya Darsanam”. Everyone was amazed to see rings of perfumed smoke all around. Rare glow of light was seen in front of the temple. No body could discern what was happening. As the priest opened the temple, everyone was spell bound. All the lamps inside were alive with a unique touch of brilliance.

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How to reach

The temple is situated in the border of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha Districts. It is 12 Km westward from the town of Thiruvalla in Neerattupuram Junction. The famous rivers of Pampa and Manimala flow on either side of the temple. Buses reach Chakkulathukavu several places of Kerala. From Thiruvalla one can reach here in 15 minutes drive by car, KSRTC buses ply evey 10 minutes from thiruvalla to Chakkulathukavu. Devotees who come by Air can land at Trivandrum or Cochin (Nedumbassery) and proceed to Chakkulathukavu according to one’s convenience. Devotees coming from Ernakulam side by train should get down at Thiruvalla, from there are regular bus services to Chakkulathukavu. Further information related to the temple can be from the Public relations officer of the temple counter.

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