Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Lord Ayyappa
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : xx
District: Thrissur
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: xx
Trustee: xx

The presiding deity in this temple is not Lord Ayyappa now. Goddess Durga is the main deity here. But its believed that , Lord Ayyappa had more importance than now, in ancient times. This is a very old temple. This temple was owned by four brahmin families. When 'Sakthan Thamburan' was the ruler ,then that four families got destroyed. After that this temple was handed over to ten families(Mana). They were 'Porukudinjathu Mana', 'Melmundayur Mana', 'Keezhmundayur Mana', 'Madathil Mundayur Mana', 'Aattur Mundayur Mana', 'Pazhedathu Mana', 'Kaupra Mana', 'Kappiyur Mana', 'Karakkattu Mana', and 'Avanavu Mana'. In a war ,when Goddess Durga became tired, then Aadhiparasakthi chanted some 'Manthras' and then Lord Ayyappa came for help and became more powerful . Its the belief about this temple.

Important Festivals

'Kumbha Samkrama Vela' is the main festival in this temple. Its a grand celebration. 'Ivar kali' ,related to this vela is also important.

Main offerings

'Ada' made from the leaf of 'Kanjiram' , 'Kolam Thullal' and 'Paraveyppu' on the day of 'Samkranthi' are the main offerings in this temple.

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Thrissur-Peramangalam route

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