Prathishta / Presiding Deity : Lord Ayyappa
Upadevatha / Sub Deities : Lord Siva, Lord Vinayaka, Yakshi and Nagas
District: Thiruvananthapuram
Thaluk: xx
Panchayath: xx
Thanthri: Aattuvassery Plankulam Neelamana Illam
Trustee: xx

The presiding deity in this temple is Lord Ayappa. This temple is situated in a forest. Its believed that Lord Parasurama had built the temple and installed the idol here. The sub deities are Lord Siva, Lord Vinayaka, Yakshi and Nagas.

Also there is a belief about the temple that a saint named 'Muppuran' had installed the idol there. So came the name 'Muppuramkavu'.

Important Festivals


Main offerings

Worshipping Lord Ayyappa in this temple is very good for removing all the problems made by 'Sani dosham'. The main offering in this temple are 'Elluthiri', 'Neyyabhishekam' and 'Aravana Payasam'.

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How to reach

Thiruvananthapuram-Parassala route

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