Maha Pratyangira

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Story of Maha Pratyangira Devi

Lord Narasimha after killing Hiranyakashipu was still angry and all the devas couldnt control his anger and rage. To ensure that Hiranyakasipu's brand of evil is forever banished from the universe, Narasimha consumed every drop of Hiranyakasipu's blood and then wore the demon's mangled body as a garland. So the devas went to Lord Siva and he took his gory from of sarabha. Narasimha and Sarabha had a long fight..but some what was still uncontrolable. To bring the whole thing in peace, from sarabha's third eye he made a even more gory form of Maha Pratyangira. Even by the sight of Her, narasimha and all became cool... Her ugra roar made all things calm..

"With darkest body, lion as vehicle and with the ugra from that wins the three world itself.... Fire flames decorating her face and with new clothes and blue diamonds decorating body... trident, sword in her hands.. ready to protect all her devotees... and to destruct all the miseries and black magic put by enemies..."

Seven forms of Pratygira devi are Brahmi Pratyangira,Raudri Pratyangira, Naarayani Pratyangira, Atharvana Bhadrakali, Ugra Pratyangira, Krityuchadana Kari and Mahashatrusamahara Manthra