Nagas / Serpents / Snakes

Do you know, according to hindu mythology nagas are treated as gods !!! Surprised ??? Continue reading

Naga Worship

The origin of snake worship goes back to remote antiquity. But in no part of the world is snake worship still such a live tradition as in kerala. In almost every house in the corner of the compount is set apart for a snake shrine called SARPAKAVU. The propitiation of the serpent god is considered essential to the well-being and prosperity of the family. Incidently, with snake worship came also the principle that what is feared is respected.


n Kerala the most important serpent worship centre is at Mannarasala which is located 3 kms to the north-west of Haripad in Allappy District. The temple is situated in the midst of a magnificent grove covering an area of 16 acres. There are thousands of snakes of granite in this area covered with dense thickets. In the main temple there are two idols. One of them is NAGARAJA (King) and the other is NAGAYAKSHI (Queen). According to legent the Mannarasala grove is the property of a family whose ancestors are said to have been spread when the Khandava forest of Punjab was burnt by Loard Krishna and Arjuna. The annual UTSAVAM at this temple is celibrated on Ayilyam of Thulam (OCT-NOV) when a large number of people visit it and make offerings of gold, silver, salt etc. on this day the serpent gods are taken in procession to the illam of Valiamma-the bride of Nagaraja and the eldest female of the family and offerings of neerum palum (milk & water), flour,turmeric and boiled rice are made. A unique offering here is offering of uruli, a small bell metal vessel, by childless couple. In this manner many couples are believed to have been blessed with children.


The important serpent worship centre in Trichur District is situated at Vadama near Mala the south end of the district. It is known as Pambumekkat under a Nambudiri family. Their household is full of cobras which find their abode in every cornerof it. Owing to the magic influence of the family, the serpents will not injure them. They are said to beck and call of the members of the family and render unquestionable obedience to their commands. They watch and protect the family in the utmost zealous spirit.