Special Offerings

Some offerings are special in kerala temples. Browse throgh this section to knwo more about famous and special offerings of Kerala temples.

Ambalapuzha Paalppayasam

The Sree Krishna Swami temple at Ambalapuzha which is also known as "DWARAKA" is one of the ancient temples of Kerala and in much connected with the history of Travancore. It is needless to point out the fame of the Ambalapuzha paalppayasam. Paalppayasam is prepared every day in a large quantity but devotees have to book their order for getting the paalppayasam sufficiently earlier. Paalppayasam is being prepared according to some traditional methods and unique in its taste and still thousands of devotees conduct this offering and take the paalppayasa prasadam to different parts of the country.

Ganapathy Appom

Important in many ways is the Ganapathy temple at Vazhappally, Changanassery. Not only does this Ganapathy temple have its own "flag staff" (kodimaram-dwajam), the eatable known as "Ganapathy Appom" is highly popular and concered sacred. The ingredients of the appom are rice, flour, gur etc. it is prepared in pure ghee. Almost as big as half the kernel of a coconut this appom is offered as vazhipadu and is a favourate of devotees.

Kashayam of Mookambi

Kashayam (medicine) of Mookambi temple (North Paroor) is also one of the important vazhipadu and the Kashayam is prepared in a traditional way with different herbs. It also has certain miraculous power to heel up a number of illness and people from different part of the state go over there for treatment.

Sherthala Thadi

Sherthala Sree Karthyayani devi temple is situated very near to the NH 47 in between Aleppy & Ernakulam. Sherthala Thadi is a famous naivedyam offered to the Sastha Shrine (Kavudayar) attached to the temple. The main ingredient of Thadi, are rice powder, jaggery, coconut and other spices. Thadi is being prepared in a very peculier manner. Dough is prepared with the above ingredients, packed in the spastic of Areacanut leaf, and tied up. A special place infront of the Sastha's sreekovil is allotted to make this. The sand is heated well first and the fire will be removed. The package is then butried deep in the hot sand and baked it like the cake in an oven. The baked thadi in tha appearance is is some what like to black halwa or some other cakes though a bit harder. The taste of the thadi is rather unique. The miraculous power of the thadi to please anybody is famous. Devotees have to book their order sufficiently earlier to get this naivedyam. Sherthala eratty is also an equally important naivedyam offered to Bhagavathy.

Kottarakkara Unniyappam

Kottarakkara Siva temple is one of the famous and flourishing temples of Travancore known as Padinjattinkara temple. There are many stories connected to the origin of this temple. The "Darusilpas" above the namaskaramandapam are marvelous. A few yards east of this temple there is another temple known as Manikandeswaram. Though Loard Siva, is the main deity, there also Ganapathy is more important. He is popularly worshiped as "Ishta Devatha". The idol of Ganapathy is believed to have been made by Perunthachan, the renowned architect and sculptor.

Kottarakkara unniyappam is one of the rarest offerings and unlike in other temples this naivedyam is being prepared straight in front of the deity. Mahaganapathy is always hungry and as soon as a few appams are ready, they are immedietly offered to the deity as naivedyam. The devotees offer the appam in different ways. Udayastamana appam offering (preparing till sunset) which is offered to Sree Ganapathy, is concered to be the most sacred Vazhipadu. Vinayakachathurthy day is very important and devotees from different parts of the country come and worship the lord Vinayaka. Specially trained poojaries make this delicious appam. Though many have tried to make the appam with the very same ingredients at other places, none could succeed in gaining the quality and taste of the Kottarakkara Unniyappam.