Believe It or Not

You may not be believing some time by hearing some of the customs of rituals following in temples of kerala. Unbelievable offerings and its specialities. Continue reading.

Snake Poison

Devotees believed that the holy water of Achankovil Dharma Sasta temple is more effective than any treatment. Either put the holy water in the effected area or drink it and will recover from the poison.

Those who see the procession of Vettikkottu Naagaraja to Meppalli Illam in the day of Aayilyam, believes that the snakes poison will not affect for the coming year. It is also believed that one who pray in this temple will recover from the snake poison and effectivly proven to give birth of good child. Sarpa Bali & Uruli is offered here.

Spider Poison

It is the one and only temple which pray for Spider known as Koduman Palliyara Devi temple which rescue from spider poison. The holy water and ash given from this temple gives a great affect in the recovery of spider poison.


Aariyankaavu Dharma Sasta gives wishes that come and do offerings in his temple and people had strong evidence in this. Devotees belive that the 12 days pray in front of Thrichattukulam Mahadever will open the way of their Marriage those who affected from horoscope problems.

Maararikulam Mahadevar with Sree Parvathi is very pleasant to give wishes to their devotees who gets their marriage late, and do offer swayamvararchana & thali samarpana.

It is belived that the seven days continuous swayamvarachana done in Peruvaaram Mahaadeva temple towards Sree Parvathy will remove the problems of unmarried women and to be got a long-satisfied married life.

It is belived that to pray Chottanikkara Devi in tha day of Makom in Kumbham will give ladies long life, good wishes, sumangaly, long married life and in the next day (pooram) for gents also.

It's a common fact that the offering towards Sree Parvathy in Mahaadeva temples will create successful marriage and Annamanada Mahaadeva temple also famous in this. Devotees offer Swayamvararchana, Dhara, Paayasam, Chadussadam etc towards this.

Unsolved / Prolonged Illness

Many of the people come to Thiru Nagankulangara Temple, pray to god for fourty one days, and recovered from their illness.


It is well known and people believed that the oil from Thakazhi Sree Dharma Sasta temple is highly effected.


Devotees pray to Aniyoor Bhagavathi for getting children after their long time expetition. They pray to bhagavathy for Chenkaal Thozeel and once blessed with child, they bring the child to the temple with grand manner.

It is very famous in Kerala that Mannaarassala Naagaraaja will bless for the birth of children when the couple offer "URULI" to the temple and after birth (within six months) it is the custom that devotees should come to this temple with the child.


Many of the serious illness affected people come to Thrippaadapuram Maha Kshatram to recover from illness like Apasmaara, Arssassu, Kushtam etc. Thiruvizha Mahadever always happy to receive the illness of his devotees who suffer from Mahodaram, Mental, Kushtam, Arssassu etc when they comes to the presence of Mahadever and pray. Other than the above illness the medicine given from the temple has a strong effect to get rid of any "vasya prayoga" also. The poison will be vomited in the presence of the priese. People believed that the Yakshiyamma's presence gives more powerful to this.

It is belived that the pray in the presence of Chamravattathu Ayyappan will recover the deceases of humen being and a lot of stories are written in the Ithihyamaala.


Vellayani Bhagavathy wishes all her devotees who take the prasada of Charthu podi daily to avoid their illness from Chickenpox. It is belived that the Vaathikkal Njaali Devi of Vettikkavala Mahadeva temple protects children from diseases by their parents offer black bangles, doll, thottil etc in the temple.

Male Child (Son)

It seems to be a lot of devotees pray to Vaikundapuram Vishnu for the birth of male child and offered Thrimadhura, Muzhukkappu, Paalppayasa etc. Many of the people offer Kindi with full of ghee to Oorakathamma Thiruvadi for getting male child.

Peace of Mind

It's a proven thing that, in order to get rid of black magic and evil souls disturbance by praying Chengannur Mahadever and Devi and also this deity blesses lucky marriage and lucky children

Eattumaanoor Mahadevan is very keen in his presence to destroy the baadhas from the devotees. The effected people offer Madhavappalli pooja, which does in the early morning.

Chelamattom Sreekrishna temple is famous to absorbe any Ghost and Devil which create problems in the public.

People belive that Thrikkannattu Sree Thrayambakan will give blessings by recovering the problems of soul, devil etc by keeping demmy and does Thilahavanam in the temple.

Baalaarishta (Childhood Diseases)

It is belived that the offering of Aaranmula Oottu in Parthasarathy temple will generate good children and get ready of their early stage problems.

It is proved that the baalaarishta of children will recover when offer the PULLU & DOVE to Thodupuzha Sree Krishna Temple.

Any Wishes

It is belived that the offer to Malayalapuzha Devi such as sattin cloth, cock, oil, with Raktha Pushpanjali, Niramaala, Vilakku, Vedi etc for a continuous seven Fridays will satisfy any of your wishes.

Marriage and Children

Thalyolaparamba Sree Karthiyayani offers her wishes to the devotees for their lucky marriage and female child by offering "POORAMIDI".

Stomach Diseases

It is a proven record that many of the people have visited in the temple of Mookambika Saraswathy at Paravoor for taking medicated Kashaya (panaka) to get released from their stomac decease.

A wonderful offering that many of the people got released from their stomac pain by taking baked bringal with salt made in the temple of Koodalmaanikkam.

Harisree (Vidhayarambham)

Thiruvallakkavu Dharma Sasta temple is very famous to start with Hari sree for the children who begin their first lesson in the life.

Happy Married Life

This is the one and only temple have surprising evidence by praying in the time of Palliyara Pooja in the day of Pournimi night gets happy married life, great children and get released from the problems of marriage/married life. The credit goes to Thiruvanchikulam Mahaadeva temple.

Eye Sight

Nelluvai Dhanwandhiri is to be belived as the leader of medicines and it is miracle evidence to the sight problem people as well as others to recover their problems by praying to Dhanwandhai moorthi.


Kaataampuzha Bhagavathy temple is very famous for the recovery of any problems in the life by offering Muttarukkal.

Skin Diseases

Sree Mujamkaavu Paarthasaarathy temple is famous to get released the skin decease of the people who belive and pray to him, and does offering in the temple.


Sree Loka Malayar Kaavu is famous in finding thief and to find stolen items by offering coconut rice, ada etc to Bhoothathan in the temple.