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Prathishta: Vana Durga (Kali)

Dist: Thrissur


Panchayath: Thanikudam


"Thiru Aarattu" is happening naturally, when the thanikkudam river which flows near by this temple overflows to the temple once in a year. It may happen more than one year rarely.

Importance / Main offerings:



The very famous temple in thrissur district. Believed to be most powerful devi presiding here. The Presiding deity is Vana durga known as Thanikkudathamma.

The Thanikkudam Bhagavathi Temple in the Thrissur district may look like any other temple in Kerala but there is a difference.

The idol of the main deity is taken to a nearby pond on special occasions for a holy dip, called Aarattu in Kerala generally. However, things work the other way round in the Thanikkudam Bhagavathi temple.

“The story is that the river that flows by the side of the temple overflows and makes it's way to the deity.”

As the monsoon intensifies, the Thanikkudam River overflows and the water reaches the temple's sanctum sanctorum.

Since the river embodies river ganga, and the day its waters completely submerge the idol within, it is considered the day for Aarattu. Devotees throng the temple to take a dip in this water, an act they believe will bring them prosperity.

“Aaaraattu is held once in a year here. Devotees take a holy dip in the water along with the idol”




Any other information:

Route: Thrissur - Villadom - Kundukkad - Wadakkanchery route. alight at Thanikudam bus stop