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Prathishta: Bhagavathy

Dist: Ernakulam




"Para Purappadu" is the main event here. It falls on first day of Vrischikam. It is believed that bhagavathy in the form of Sree Bhuvaneswari visits her devotees. Devotees welcome devi with "para" which may be full of paddy, flowers, fruits as customs. This event end with Thalapoli Mashothsavam which lasts five days 1st day of Chingam month is special here.

Importance / Main offerings:

Local belief is that, by offering "pushpanchali" (offering flowers), poojari of this temple predicts the devotees future.



Three main deities are here namely, Sri Bhuvaneswary, Sri Annapoorneswary and Sri Badrakali. All three deities are in equal importance here. Sri Bhuvaneswary is believed as the mother of universe and prosperity. Sri Annapoorneswary is mother of food and worshipped for happy long married life. Sri Bhadrakali is referred as time in vedas. She is in the form of "roudra" by default and depart all evil things in devotees mind, thus purifies the mind Ayyappa, Ganapathy, Subramanya, Guru, Hanuman, Hidumba, Bhrahmarakhas, Khandakarana, Nagadevathas and Arukola are the sub-deities here.

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are special here




Any other information:

Route: This temple is located near by road itself. Situated at Padivattam in Edapally . It i s around is 1km from palarivattom pipe line signal at Ernakulam.