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Prathishta: Hanuman

Dist: Kannur




Importance / Main offerings:

'Aval Nivedhyam' is the main offering here.



The presiding deity in this temple is Lord Hanuman. Though the main deity of this temple is Lors Sree Rama, its more famous for Lord Hanuman.Hence the temple is known as 'Hanumarambalam'. Its situated in 'Cheruthazham' village ,opposite to the 'Ezhimala' hills. The temple is one of the ancient and famous temples in north kerala.Its believed that the temple is build by kings of Mooshika dynasty long years ago. In the 8th century ,its recreated by the Sri Udhaya Varma Kolathiri. The idol of Lord Hanuman is located inside the 'Nalambalam' at the 'Vayu Moola'.




Any other information:

The 'Ezhimala' related to this temple has great importance here. Its believed that the 'Ezhimala' is formed when Lord Hanuman was carrying 'Mrithasanjeevani' to Lanka during Rama-Ravana war and a piece of the hill was broken and fell down at this place.Thus the hill 'Ezhimala' has formed.

Route: The temple is situated at Cheruthazham village near Payyannur town.