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Prathishta: Lord Ayyappa

Dist: Thrissur




'Thiyattu' is the main festival here.


Importance / Main offerings:

The main offering in this temple is 'Ada'.



The presiding deity in this temple is Lord ayyappa. In this temple Lord Ayyappa resides in the meditative form,facing to the east side. Here Lord Ayyappa is not considered as a 'Brahmachari' .So there is no objection for doing marriages in this temple.

Its believed that -The 'Chiralayam Swaroopam' ,'Ayinikkal Nair' and 'Kannisath Thirumeni family' - they had brought the idol from 'Thrikkunnappuzhakkavu' , for the protection of their place. There is another belief that the idol was brought from 'Malamakkavu' ,situated in Palghat district. Both the temples are known as 'Malamakkavu' temple. But actually 'Malamakkavu' is in palghat district. So we cant understand that which is original 'malamakkavu'. Its also told that the name 'malamakkavu' is formed from 'Malayilkkavu'. There are no subdeities in this temple.


Thanthri: Palakkattira Mana

Trustee: Cochin Devaswam Board


Any other information:

The temple is also known as 'Korattikkarekkavu'.


Route: Thrissur - Kuttippuram route (2 km from Perumpilavu)